Guys, I haven’t really followed the news in Honduras much, preferring to hear what is going on with Phernando and not a lot more.

When I was there last year the thought crossed my mind that it really doesn’t matter who is in power – the poor will always be poor and the government isn’t really concerned about that little corner of Honduras known as Playa Grande.

Reading the news a short while ago, I noticed that they have had a coup in Honduras.  The current president, a communist and ally of Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers, tried to initiate a referendum on his power.  The Supreme Court and Congress there told him it was illegal to do so, and he was arrested this morning.

How does this affect Iglesia de Christo?  That is not so clear.  They have entered the rainy season there and getting into and out of Playa Grande is already fraught with risk.  With tanks and troops in control of the streets of Tegucigalpa, the normal day-to-day is disrupted.  Ordinarily the army helps folks in the countryside, in places like where the bridge has washed out.  Without them there, the risk of travel is increased.

Pray for Phernando and for all our brothers and sisters in Play Grande.