Here’s what happened (for those that were unable to make it):

Nine pound of pork loin.  Eleven pounds of potatoes.  Two big cans of green beans.  82 biscuits.  Three gallons of iced tea.  Three big cakes.  Twenty eight men of God.  One unrepentant sinner.

Ken McDaniel, a layman from Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, brought a powerful word from the Lord to our gathering.  A half-dozen of the men in attendance were also visiting from Mt. Tabor to support Mr. McDaniel.

After the message, the men continued in fellowship while one unrepentant sinner took Mr. McDaniel aside for a friendly chat.  Many men prayed.  And the Holy Spirit, who had begin the process of regeneration in the heart of the one sinner, brought him to his knees.

So, twenty nine sons of the King left the building last night, and the angels rejoiced.

Men of God, pray for Paul, that he would be protected from the snares of the enemy and strengthed in God’s grace.