Now we are getting into some of the good, solid substance of R.C. Sproul’s book, Knowing Scripture.  For what it’s worth, Sproul wrote this book in 1977 and it has been very influential over the years.  You can get it from Amazon for less than $12.

Starting today, and going for the next ten postings, are ten practical rules for Biblical interpretation.  And starting off is practical point #1…

The Bible is to be read like any other book

Surprised?  Sproul’s point is that, although the Bible is like no other book in the history of the world, God uses word, grammar, meaning, and so forth to convey His message to us.  In that sense, we should just read it that way.

This does not mean that we should not pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to illuminate our minds.  We should be careful that we do not carelessly read into the Bible something we want to hear it say.

Sproul discusses briefly a practice that many immature Christians follow that he calls “Luckydipping”.  This is when someone wants to hear from God, and so he asks God a question and opens the Bible to a random page and points at a random verse.  This replaces diligence and persevrence with luck.  God does not speak to us in that way.