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Takeaway points from the August 1 Breakfast:

1. We NEED reconciliation

  • With our wives: Fundamental to peace in the home.
  • Our children: Also important if we are to have an impact here.
  • Our brothers in Christ: The devil works very hard to keep us apart.
  • Other people from church: Both the capital-C church and the local body.

2. Thirty men can easily make it up at to church by 8 a.m. if there is food waiting for them.

3. If sausage gravy is on the menu, and Steve Whittington is making it, do not ever turn down an invitation.

4. Planning an event can be as much fun as the event itself.

5. Men’s retreat is tentatively planned for February.¬† That is when the location is available.

6. Having a moleskine book is helpful if you want to take notes on the fly and hear what the Lord is saying to you.

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