So here’s the story.

The little guy, Matt Ziesel, is 5′ 3″ and 110 pounds soaking wet.  He’s a freshman running back for his high school team, St. Joseph Benton High School.  And he’s got Downs Syndrome.

In this country, the talking heads are saying that Downs Syndrome might go away completely because there is a cure.  Abortion.  Prenatal testing can figure out if a kid is more likely to have the chromosomal abnormality associated with Downs Syndrome, so when it is detected, parents abort.

You know, it is a burden to everyone to have these “special needs” kids to take care of.

But I digress.  Matt is a freshman and he hasn’t gotten to play yet.  And his team is down 44-0 against their rivals Maryville.  So the coach has a word with his team, asks the opposing coach for a favor, and sends Matt in to play.

I’m glad the kids at Maryville took on this burden.  I’m glad the Benton’s coach took on this burden.  Thank God that Mike and Patty Ziesel took on this burden.

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