Have you noticed how so many people are saying, “You’re in our thoughts and prayers.”  I’m not suggesting that it is a bad thing to think of other people.  When our friends are going through a rough patch, it is natural for us to spend time thinking of them.

It seems to me that “You’re in my thoughts” is just a secularized way of saying, “I’m praying for you.”  Folks want to express sympathy for others, and this is a nice way to do it without sounding religious.

But practically speaking, what good does it do for people to think of another person?  This actually strikes me as a sort of blasphemy; instead of asking God for help, we’re holding a person in our thoughts, as thought that would have an effect.

Don’t fall into the same pattern of thinking as the world.  If you care about a friend in need, take them to the throne room.  Bring their name before our loving God.  Pray without ceasing.  Your thoughts, noble and humane though they might be, account for nothing.