[H/T: David Larson…looks like an interesting idea.  Anyone want to try?]

Dear friends,
Last year a little more than 100 people started the project of memorizing  HEBREWS together.  I know of 7- 8 who finished the 303 verse book. (There may be others I am not aware of)
Starting Monday, November 16th, 2009, a group of Scripture enthusiasts around the world will embark on a pursuit to discover the treasure of 1 TIMOTHY. Our pace to memorize the book is 1 verse each day Mon – Fri with the weekend used for review, catch-up, and/or extra meditation.  We would love for you to join us!!

We hope 1) through the internet to provide personal encouragement, support, and a online community for mutual sharing of insights, questions, memorizing tips, and testimonies to people around the world who might not otherwise be motivated to memorize 1 TIMOTHY on their own.

2) To inspire schools, churches, homeschool groups, Bible studies, friends, families, etc. to form their own “Memorize 1 Timothy” group so they get the added benefit of face to face encouragement, accountability and support.

All are welcome, either catching up to the group to memorize the whole book, or jumping on board for your favorite chapter when we reach it. Our schedule, Lord willing, is:

Ch 1 = Nov 16th – Dec 11th; Ch 2 = Dec 14th – Jan 1st;

Ch 3 = Jan 4th – Jan 22nd; Ch 4 = Jan 25th – Feb 12th;

Ch 5 = Feb 15th – Mar 19th; Ch 6 = Mar 22nd – April 16th

From April 17th – April 30th review and practice quoting. Lord willing, we will be able to organize several group quotings either face to face or by conference calls.

May 1st – November 12th = Bible Bee 2010!! I encourage all living in the USA to memorize and encourage, inspire and equip 7-18 year olds around you to memorize the Bible Bee verses, available in the NIV, KJV, NKJ, ESV, and NASB. For more information on this wonderful opportunity, visit www.biblebee.org

November 15th – ___________ = next year’s Scripture-Memory-Support.org short book memory project. What book of around 100 verses would you like to see us memorize next?  (Lord willing, this will be a growing annual event in the Bible Bee off-season.)

Those who use Facebook can join us at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=178535325932 for easy group communication and encouragement.  You can also get to know others and share your experience/testimony/insights/questions off facebook at www.scripture-memory-support.org  Those wanting weekly encouragements/ updates/ tips on memorizing 1 Timothy by email can let me know at philjohn1558@yahoo.com
Please let me know if you plan to join us in this exciting endeavor.  May God bless you as you serve and get to know Him better and better through His Word.
In Christ, Phil Walker