I’ve enjoyed posting interesting things to the blog, and I hope you have enjoyed a few of the things you’ve read here.

If you spend much time at all on the Internet, you know there are temptations just a click away.  And I’m not just talking about sins of the flesh – there is really awful theology in cyberspace, along with dangerous people you can talk to (and with whom you can easily become emotionally attached).

One of the things I’ve done is to try and create some walls that give me enough space to play so I have enough to read but not so much that I get overwhelmed.  The tool I use for this is an iGoogle page.

Google allows you to create a personalized page for free.  You can add content to it, add additional pages, and make it look however you want.

If you notice on my page here, I have the weather on the right side of the page so I can see at a glance how hot/cold it will be today, and I have several locations loaded as well.

On the left side you see my Google bookmarks.  These are links to the web sites I like to visit frequently.  I like to think of these as my walls.  As long as I’m going to these places only, I need not worry so much.  I can add or subtract links whenever I want.

One of the things that I recently discovered is that I can add a box that automatically shows when a new article has been posted on a particular website.  It works the opposite of the links in a sense.  With a link, you click on it to go to a particular web site.  You don’t know if there is anything new there, you just go & see.

With this technology, called RSS, anytime the content changes, you are informed.  The three most recent links are there, by title.

If you want to know more about setting up an iGoogle page or an RSS feed to it, give me a buzz.