by Ray Dillon

I have often wanted to blog.  It seems like the thing to do but I didn’t want it to be like some others I had read that seemed to be more of a long tweet.  Anyway what I am thinking about is theology.  Some have now stopped reading and moved on so for those left I want to encourage us to be about the study of God more diligently this year.  Not to know more about Him, although there is virtue in that, but to know him better personally.
For those who are married, we should remember clearly how we wooed our spouse.  In that attraction, there was a desire to know him/her better and know the little things of their lives.  It was a way of becoming more intimate.  We studied their mannerisms, the way they thought, the way they talked, tried to understand what pleased and displeased them.  I suspect if your experience is like mine, the study never ceases and the knowledge continues to increase.  (You singles who seek to be married, take note.)
So, isn’t this the same way with God?  When we have established a relationship with Him through Jesus, we want to know this infinite, omnipotent, creator and sustainer of the universe.  For those of us who have studied our wives and husbands well, we sometimes find that we are thinking the same thoughts at the same time (pretty spooky, huh).  But wouldn’t that be incredible if we were to have that kind of deep relationship with God.  Thinking His thoughts as ours, just like Jesus did.  Knowing God more intimately, knowing about Him, leads to a more intimate relationship and communion.  That is what God wants from us.
If you are interested and are a computer geek or a committed user like me, you may find a theological tool to be helpful.  It is a theological toolbar that goes above your Internet Explorer right below the drop down menu selections.  I use it a lot because it has a lot of sites that are excellent for Bible study, muses from thoughtful believers, and other handy sites in the Christian community.
The site to get the toolbar is located at:
Reclaiming the Mind is a work started by Michael Patton a theologian out of Oklahoma.  He was on staff with Charles Swindoll in a Dallas church after finishing seminary.  You might be interested in his site as well.
Peace, guys.  Keep thinking God’s thoughts.