by Ray Dillon

We watch with sadness and almost disbelief to see results of the
earthquake and the agony of Haitian people.  Unfortunately, it has
given a platform for some Christians to become foolish and paint us
all with the brush of insensitivity and condemnation.  Such was the
case of Mr. Pat Robertson when he asserted that the Haitian people had
made a “pact with the devil” when they overthrew the French who were
occupying the land.  This according to Mr. Robertson was many years
ago and the poverty, political greed, corruption, hurricanes, and,
now, the most recent earthquake were all a result of that.

There is a possibility that those who follow Mr. Robertson clucked
their agreement and quoted “sins of the fathers are visited on the
sons…” and the many Psalms dealing with God’s vengeance.  However,
Mr. Robertson simply makes the assertion with no support except the
television media he uses.  Rather than pointing fingers at alleged
“pacts” it would be better for us to consider following Romans 12:15b
“weep with those who weep”.  Yes, Haiti has a reputation of syncretism
(bringing parts of other religions along with Christianity) but there
are believers on the island and there are countless innocent children
who are affected.

Perhaps Mr. Robertson wishes he had never said what he did on
television.  We can only hope so.  There are some things that we think
about God’s sovereignty and his providence that when spoken in an
unbelieving world can sound harsh.  Most of all we should remember
that God’s heart is soft toward us as is indicated here  2 Peter
3:9-10 “The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count
slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should
perish, but that all should reach repentance.”  As we have continued
our moral and spiritual slide here in America, we believers should say
or think “but for the grace of God there go we”.  Keep praying for the
people of Haiti.