Christ Church is an Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Anderson, South Carolina.  This blog is managed by Steve, one of the guys from the church with a little time to bring edifying stuff to your attention.  If you like the blog, pray for us.

And a nice thanks to the people at for creating this free forum where we can share our thoughts.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. thanks for reposting my recent post. Hope some folk found it interesting.

    Like the look of your blog and wholeheartedly like the stated aim in the strapline.

    Praying for you as I post this

    1. My Son's Father Says:

      Thanks for letting me know, brother. I hope I did everything right – I’ve been posting lots of stuff from different writers and hoping I’m giving proper credit where it is due.

      I like the stuff I’ve seen on your blog.



  2. Gregory Eaves Says:

    Enjoy your blog, doing great job for the
    King and His Kingdom. May you and your
    family have a Christ filled Christmas.
    For the King,
    Gregory Eaves

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